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Talk of Land


I have a profile today on The Globe and Mail website (not in print) of Montreal blessed-and-cursed trio Land of Talk led by Ontario-born singer/guitarist Lizzie Powell, who's also been singing with Broken Social Scene the past year. I'll print the full transcript of our interview this weekend, but you can see them for the last time in a while tonight in Kingston, Ont.

Key paragraphs: The oscillations between bright and dark spots in Land of Talk's career mirror its music, founded on the sour-and-sweet blend of Powell's spiky, dissonant guitar with her plaintive voice, as if Kim Gordon of post-punk band Sonic Youth had the wounded twang of Louisiana country-rock balladeer Lucinda Williams. Powell's lyrics, too, hover in a twilight zone between Eros and Thanatos.

On Some Are Lakes' title track, for instance, where another songwriter might have been content with "I'll love you as long as I live," she swerves into the hairpin "I'll love you like I love you, then I'll die." In this, she picks up on a cut-off 1990s strand from near-forgotten bands such as the Throwing Muses or Spinanes, who probed for a tough-but-not-macho feminine rock voice by more complex strategems of difference than the shock tactics of the riot-grrrl movement identified with Hole or Bikini Kill.

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Throwing Muses may be forgotten in some sense (one misguided "hit" does not constitute a career) but they are a band with rabid followers...and rightly so. For gay boys like me in our mid/late 30s, Kristin & Co. were every bit as essential as more celebrated icons like Siouxsie. I still listen to the first LP and get goosebumps. I just got tix to the reunion shows in March!!!

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