by carl wilson

Friday Fast Ones

Kenneth Goldsmith from UbuWeb talks "outsider writing" at Mercer Union tonight at 7 pm. Shit, that's soon.

In Eye this week, Dave Morris pens his final Totally Wired column after four years of providing this blog with fodder. And yes, Dave, we fell for it.

Just as Somali-Canadian rapper K'naan prepares to release his new album, Troubadour (recorded at Tuff Gong studio in Jamaica), the American music press has discovered his first one, 2005's Dusty Foot Philosopher, which was just released stateside last year. Perhaps this will be the T-dot's moment finally - the screwfaces get hypheny with it?

Steve Martin banjo album this month. Oh yeah.

No time to go into detail right now but Jon McCurley's play-that-turns-into-an-art-exhibition Double Double Land at Gallery TPW was a dazzling and delicious piece of creative work and included the most ingenious, confusing and astounding surprise ending there's ever been in anything ever. The surprise ending was so intense there could only be one performance. (Though secretly there were two.) If you missed it console yourself by reading this conversation between Jon and his comedy partner Amy Lam, aka Life of a Craphead, who it's still possible you could see someday so don't give up hope don't give up don't give up oh don't.

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