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Sorry posting's been so light - I bet you're all busy this time of year too. I will try to redouble Zoilusian efforts. Just a quick note today of gratitude that my book (see left) was selected this weekend in The Globe and Mail's "Globe 100" selection of best books of the year. Because I work at the paper, feel free to be skeptical, but honestly the honour was unexpected - and a very nice boost for the book since most of its reviews and publicity came out at the very beginning of the year.

Postscript: I also just heard that it was listed among the UK Telegraph's seven choices for Christmas books on pop music, which calls it "the year's most essential book on music." And this time I don't know anybody there.

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Hey Carl -- browsing in a bookstore I'd never seen before, I picked something off the shelf and saw you had the lead essay for the second year running in "Best Music Writing":

Is that a first, to have the lead essay two years running?

Congratulations! Rock on!

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See #4:

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In reference to the above comment- some chapters in the book are assigned reading for the intro to cultural studies course at McGill. They supplant the Bourdieu reading.

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Ah, Carl -- congratulations! -- I bet it's never felt so good to be called an essentialest, huh?


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... and it's the perfect size to make a great stocking stuffer.

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Congratulations, Carl. I'm not even the slightest bit skeptical; if you'd had any influence you wouldn't have allowed the review to sit astride the harsh reek of Richard Florida and Christopher Dewdney.

If I were the sort of guy to make a list of Canadian books that I liked this year, your book would be the only one on it.

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That's great news about the book Carl. I've been telling people it's essential all year long. And I've given it a number of times as a gift for just this reason.

I suspect it will have a very long and fruitful life. I hope the professors pick up on it, because it would be a great book to use in a pop culture/theory sort of class.

It's so compact and engaging to read, yet theoretically meaty. And that's such a great jumping off point for getting people to think about a lot of important stuff.

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I read it just this weekend.

I'd been avoiding it because even though it's not really precisely a book about Celine Dion, it's still a book about Celine Dion, and lo, these many years later, I'm still trying to recover from the secret shame of having ordered a Celine Dion album from Columbia House when I was but a pre-teen.

Shame I'd skipped it 'til now -- I read it in just 2 days, and enjoyed it immensely.

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