by carl wilson

The Blame-Celine-First Crowd
(Plus Digidoo and LadyFi's 'Representin Obama')

People are still claiming that the reason Hillary Clinton is not being elected president today was that in June of 2007 (!), she chose a Celine Dion tune for her campaign song. Here's what I had to say about that at the time.

The amazing thing to me reading that entry back is that Barack Obama is not even mentioned.

If you're in Toronto tonight and not sure where to go for election-watchin', the artist-activists of the Department of Culture are having an election-watch gathering at the Gladstone Hotel, and public-space group Spacing is organizing a "Welcome Back America" party in Dundas Square after the results are announced. (They encourage everyone to bring radios to play the acceptance speech in concert, in case the operators of the giant screens at the square choose not to do so.) There's also a shindig at my place, but I'm afraid I can't invite all of you.

Wherever you celebrate (or mourn, but I'm pretty sure it'll be celebrate) tonight's events, have a great party. We deserve it. If you need a soundtrack other than the prattle of talking heads, this special all-Obama music edition of WFMU's Transpacific Sound Paradise is a great source (thanks to TO Music Pix for the tip). Or check out roundups from Eye Weekly (thanks to Scott Woods) and PopMatters. Or just play Erykah Badu.

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