by carl wilson

'No One Dances Like Michael Ondaatje'

I'm not sure the controversies during this election have been all that clarifying to Canadian artists about how we see our work, our role in society, the place of grant funding and our mode of relationship to the rest of the public. But Stephen Harper's sure making an entertaining foe - matching his belief that artists spend most of their time wearing gowns and going to glitzy galas with his impulse that the great thing about a global financial meltdown is that it's like a tag sale on stocks. It's not that Harper's an elitist or an anti-elitist - it's more that society as a whole is kind of a mystery to him. (I feel kind of sad for him.)

It's also produced quite a burst of agit-prop-making energy. As we go into the final weekend of the campaign, check out activist coalition Department of Culture's fundraisers across the country, as well as some of the quite impressive submissions to their Gone in 30 Seconds video contest. Meanwhile, I've just gotten this video from young Toronto band Hooded Fang (a reference of course to classic piece of Canadian literature - tho they're not the first musicians to drop that name). It gives Harper's gaffe a treatment that kinda reminds me of Electric Six's "Gay Bar" from a year, three ago. (Not that the arts are, like, gay or anything.) Ladies, gents and ordinary Canadians, let's go to an "Arts Gala."

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