by carl wilson

Radio Silence

Hey all, it's been a busy week but we'll back in gear soon. If you're in Toronto this weekend (I'm not), don't miss Vancouver cellist Peggy Lee in the AIMToronto Interface Series. Like her classic singing namesake, Ms. Lee's playing will give you fever. This quote sums up well: "With her deeply sonorous instrument in hand, Lee has more-than-shared the stage with creative improvisors from all over the world: Joelle Leandre, Dave Douglas, Mark Dresser, Susie Ibarra, and Barre Phillips to name but a few. Her playing blends grace and precision, yet when the music demands it she can be equally challenging and vibrant." - Jon Morgan, Signal to Noise.

I've disabled comments again for the weekend while we continue to plug the spam leak in our hull. Meanwhile, watch this sad short doc about the ultimate (and ultimately deluded) record collector.

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