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Let's Listen to Them Talk About Let's Talk About Love


Finally CBC Radio has posted an online version of one of my favourite things that happened after my book came out - an edition of their entertaining chat show Talking Books all about it, hosted by my colleague Ian Brown, with guests Noreen Golfman, Jonathan Garfinkel and Beatriz Hausner. It's a smart but down-to-earth, rollicking roundtable, which ranges abroad into questions of cultural shame in general and the weirdness of music critics in particular. Listen here!

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I look forward to hearing this... but where the hell is that image from???!!!

Posted by barclay on August 3, 2008 5:55 PM



interesting take...

my opinion is that celine has a great combination working for her...that lends her success translated to $$$$

first - a great cinderella story of "the average girl" to riches...she's a modern fairytale that people love to hear and emulate - it elevates people and gives that average person hope beyond the now....

second - lyrics and tunes that work together that form an extension of this hit on the greatest musical theme of all time - love - in one aspect or another - stikes a chord with a percentage of the population...

third - a genuine voice - people like what's real...there's nothing plastic in the voice...

Posted by jon on July 31, 2008 12:51 PM




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