by carl wilson

Love Don't Change


Tonight marks the release of Eric Chenaux's latest album, Sloppy Ground, a lovely term for its main subject matter, which Eric describes as not the beginning or the ending but the middle of love - the main part, that is, but the most overlooked, the part for which we need much more music: the "ever after" that follows the closing clinch of the courtship dance. There's a nice interview with Eric in Eye today too. Meanwhile Eric's frequent collaborator Ryan Driver (of Deep Dark United, Silt, Reveries, etc) has his first solo album, enticingly titled Feeler of Pure Joy, coming out on home-base label Rat-drifting. (Both releases are celebrated tonight with a show at Wrongbar in Toronto.)

Additional Thursday reading: David Dacks has a perspicacious survey of the new generation of Toronto soul on AOL Canada of all places.

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Carl, I was really glad to be there at the double CD launch. The music was fantastic and the night had a celebratory mood which I find is often missing at CD launches these days.

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Looking forward to hear Eric's and Ryan's albums. Their show at Soundscapes was delicious.

Off-topic but of interest to Zoilus and readers: Alex Ross discusses music as torture ( on the New Yorker.

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