by carl wilson

Starlet Sing-Off, Round 2


Since people seem to love arguing about Scarlett Johansson's Tom Waits covers album, let's extend the theme: The most frequent comparison raised (whether for or against S.J.) is Zooey Deschanel's duo with M. Ward in She & Him. It's hardly a one-to-one parallel, because Deschanel's nowhere near the household name that Johansson is - she's about M. Ward-level famous in movie terms (which means much more famous ... but you see the point).

But the one I've got my ear on is Jena Malone, partly because her musical pursuits don't seem so side-projecty (though a little self-indulgent/twee). She's not only writing her own songs, she's dropped her backup group (flying without the safety net of a "real musician" male partner) in favour of inventing her own "one-woman band" rig, The Shoe (see below). And last weekend she did a "treasure map tour" of L.A. with it. You can hear some of The Shoe's recent output at her MySpace. I'd give them at least a "promising," and notably I find I don't think about her status as "actress-singer" at all while I'm listening - I just listen the way I might to songs by any other young new artist. ... Arguably, of course, that is to be deprived of a pleasure rather than to gain one.


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