by carl wilson

Rocks On!
(Concrete Toronto Music)

"We wanted to encourage the musicians to explore the true meaning of musique concrete, which is to make music using non-traditional musical sounds," says Bunce. "You don't have to have studied Pierre Schaeffer at university to do that. ... That's one of the reasons why we wanted to approach minimal techno and noise artists. There is a sense of 'ugly beauty' to those styles of music, which corresponds to the way a lot of people feel about brutalist architecture. ... In terms of a real concrete experiment, [noise artist] Knurl will be [using contact mics on] actual concrete and cement! I'm really curious to see how that will go over with the family crowd at the Science Centre."

That's a quote from Sarah Liss's piece today in Eye weekly about the Concrete Toronto Music shows this Sunday and next, co-curated by Zoilus and the Music Gallery. (And tomorrow, I'll post my answers to Sarah's questions, which came too late for her to use.)

Plus: For those who missed this year's FIMAV festival in Victoriaville, John Kelman at All About Jazz catches us up. (Below, the semi-reunited Art Bears.)


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Zoilus by Carl Wilson