by carl wilson

Yon Ferrets Return

Strange synchronicities: It seems that just as my book about Celine Dion and "good vs bad taste" came out, a bunch of contemporary dancers in London and Berlin were undertaking exactly the same project - in live dance and YouTube video form. From looking at their site, there are no hints that they know about the book, but I definitely must get in touch with them. I'm so taken with what they're doing, at least at first sight, that I don't feel the urge to respond more criticially-analytically, but perhaps later.

Other gleanings from all over:

  • It's a few weeks old but I've just discovered this podcast on the making of Veda Hille's This Riot Life, the amazingliest record of 2008. If you have not heard it, you have been wasting your year, friend.

  • In further Hille-related news, she did some music for a show currently playing at the Factory Theatre in Toronto, Theatre Replacement's Sexual Practices of the Japanese, which is enough recommendation for me (along with all the good reviews).

  • If you want to follow the R. Kelly trial, WBEZ in Chicago is doing a daily blog, but also opened with a smart set-up essay on the race-gender-celebrity-perversity-etc. codes that will make this particular merry-go-round spin. If you would rather not follow said trial, I cannot blame you.

  • The Guardian blog makes a zippy argument that all the ridiculousness of rock is being hoarded by metal and that the rest of music ought to go back and claim its rightful share of ridiculousness (which is what we love R. Kelly for, no?). But that piece also reminded me that I wanted to recommend to you the new issue of Mike McGonigal's great art-music-what-have-you zine Yeti, which includes a more indepth and emotionally stirring and funnier celebration of black metal by esquire Scott Seward (adapted from his 2007 EMP Pop Conference presentation). Yeti also always comes with an ear-scouring compilation CD.

  • There's another fun mix in the current issue of Esopus magazine, in which Neko Case & Carl Newman (of the New Pornographers), Marnie Stern, Busdriver and others were asked to find a "good news" clipping in the paper and write a song about it. (The Case/Newman entry provides this post's headline.) You can listen to the results online.

  • Finally, let's all go to this concert. (I hear rumours that the Ex might bring a similar bill to Toronto someday - but not in '08.)

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my friend jess organises the let's talk abt love project! she first put it on in london last year (i think it was last year?). anyway, i was thinking the same thing, that i shld send her a copy of yr book but the thing is i still havent picked it up yet. which is terrible. but anyway i love yr writing + will get right on that (and tell her abt it!)

Posted by tim on May 27, 2008 9:32 AM



Regarding that great Ethiopian concert in NYC you mentioned at the end... I'd first noticed it playing a couple of UK dates.

Mahmoud Ahmed was just here on Christmas night, but I would love to see him with a big, cooking group like the Either Orchestra.

Howerver, it looks like Harbourfront will have Mulatu Astatke (the Ethiopian singer whose music was in "Broken Flowers"), backed by the Either Orchestra on Jul. 26.

But Harbourfront benches, an evening showtime with curfew won't be the same as a "real" Ethiopian show in one of the church or community halls in town.

Posted by John Leeson on May 20, 2008 2:52 PM




Zoilus by Carl Wilson