by carl wilson

Goodnight Mr. Rauschenberg


Painter, sculptor, assembler, composer, choreographer ... Robert Rauschenberg died last night at 82. Rauschenberg helped pry open a lot of the space "between art and life" that's been central to my own interests, influencing happenings, Fluxus, performance, participatory, conceptual (although he said he "never used ideas") and other art movements. A moment of noise (he wasn't much one for silences!) in his honour.

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Rauschenberg opened my sensibility to collage -- that goat you posted is a famous, gorgeous, funny example. He was a prime inspiration for my working in music collage, years before hip hop brilliantly made it pop. In college I read a book about Rauschenberg by New Yorker writer Calvin Tomkins. Said Tomkins: Rauschenberg "defined his themes as 'multiplicity, variation, and inclusion.'"

That is the stuff.

Rauschenberg's own approach to multiplicity, variation, and inclusion carries his own stamp of style, which in itself is gorgeous and has been hugely influential. Any time you see an elegantly collaged book cover, for instance, you're seeing Rauschenberg's influence.

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