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Now Read This: Gimme Liberty
or Gimme Indie Lazer Bass

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Over at the ever-productive Moistworks facility, there's a terrific roundtable discussion about a subject Zoilus has revisited, oh, a few times - the surviving meaning, or lack thereof, of the word "indie". Contributors include Moistworks honcho Alex Abramovich (bringing in Franklin Bruno on an assist) and writers and musicians Jonathan Lethem, Douglas Wolk, Luc Sante, Andrew Phillips, Brian Howe, Christopher Sorrentino, Wesley Stace (aka John Wesley Harding), Blake Schwarzenbach, Ben Greenman and me. And more in the comments space. (And as a bonus, tracks by Sebadoh, the recently reunited Great Plains and Big Dipper!)

More, no doubt, to come.

(Later: Coincidentally I stumbled across this April 9 post in Natalia Yanchak from The Dears' blog, titled "Death to indie rock." She links to a National Post piece after the Junos that asked record-store clerks across Canada, "Is Feist still indie?". Several obnoxious answers later - only one, Chris from Zulu Records in Vancouver, addressed it as an economic-model question, by the way - you're left thinking they should add to the question, "... And why would she possibly care?")

Also this week in The New Yorker, Sasha Frere Jones introduces Montreal "lazer bass" to the smart set, in the form of Megasoid. More on that sometime soon too, I hope, but for now just a note that Megasoid is slated to be in Toronto on May 18 at the Drake (and less officially other locations), though their planned New York appearance this weekend was cancelled due to a loss in the family, for which we send our sympathies.

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For what it's worth, I work at Zulu Records in Vancouver and I do not know, nor have I heard of, a "Chris Knox". Somebody's not doing their fact checking, to say the least. We also do not play any Britney Spears in the store, as "Mr. Knox" would have the Post's readers believe. We sure do sell a lot of Feist, though.

Posted by Saelan on May 6, 2008 3:29 AM



The only good thing about that Post article is the link to the far more interesting question: "Is Garfield dead?"

Posted by malstain on May 1, 2008 7:30 PM




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