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From an email I got this afternoon (at random, I assume) from Atlanta-based BREAK magazine. It seems kind of worth repeating as a snapshot of the music-journalism game 2008.

My question: Is anyone actually getting $2500 to post an MP3?

"Since you are an avid supporter of BREAK, we would like to introduce to you first PUSHIN. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, I've attached a detailed media kit explaining more about this new venture. This is an innovative project and unprecedented on today's underground scene. The complete PUSHIN experience kicks off in April of this year. And don't say that I left you in the dark! This initiative is going down major and you should reserve your slot in the hottest new Indie rag on the streets today, and perform @ the PUSHIN Showcase/Launch Party, get featured in the PUSHIN Mix CD, and receive an MP3 PUSH for $400.00.

"Think about this: you pay XYZ publication $200-$300 for a feature, a showcase promoter $500-$1000 to perform, a mix CD promoter $300 for a feature, and an online promoter $125-$2500 for 1 MP3 Blast. On average that's about $2500.00! BREAK Media Group has proven that we can put together a scorching hot publication, produce scorching hot showcases, and put out fire hot email blasts! And now you can get all that and more for $400.00. Now who's really down for the independent artists PUSHIN to get a BREAK?

"Why be in the PUSHIN' section? Because the industry is watching! You will be featured in 2500, full color/full size glossy magazines that will be distributed throughout the nation, and your story will be blasted to over 60,000 industry contacts beginning in April. Through BREAK Magazine and PUSHIN, your story will be told the right way!"

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ugh. i hate this kind of stuff. even makes the publicists who actually care about music look bad. but I guess it's inevitable these days. people don't seem to understand real journalism anymore, do they.

Posted by curlybecs on March 27, 2008 10:20 PM



The idea of having Zoilus "blasted" is really appealing. Can you do a weekly "blasting"?

Posted by Matt Collins on March 23, 2008 5:35 PM



Carl, don't get/don't get everyone all confused about the meaning of the term, "online promoter." That's referring to the PR agency who is supplying all the bloggers, and yes, of course, some of the PR firms get several thousand dollars for a full campaign.

Posted by Catbird on March 21, 2008 5:04 PM




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