by carl wilson

'Blasting open an escape hatch
to flee a culture we despised':
RIP Jim Jones, 1950-2008


February's such a bitch.

As a member of Pere Ubu from the mid-80s to the mid-90s, Jim Jones played the guitar like a magnifying glass: when he bore down on a riff, it seemed to expand and expand as he zeroed in, to grow bigger and hotter - though not necessarily louder - until it climaxed in a burst of flame. Jones's first band in the 70s Cleveland scene was the Mirrors, later the Styrenes, and he also played with ex-Ubu members in the excellent Home & Garden and his own band the Easter Monkeys, as well as serving the music world as a record clerk, Ubu roadie and studio engineer.

He died at home of a heart attack on Monday, after a decade or so of health problems. The Cleveland Scene has a touching remembrance of Jones as a musician and friend, and here is a 1996 interview with Jones by John Eric Smith.

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Beatifully put.
I've posted seven pieces of Jim's music at

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