by carl wilson

Passages: Robbe-Grillet, Val Ross


The music has gradually faded and here and there a word can be heard emerging from a chance phrase, such as: ... "unbelievable" ... "murder" .... "actor" .... "lying" ... "had to" ..."you're not" ... "it was a long time ago"... "tomorrow."
- L'annee derniere a Marienbad

I've been so distracted by the Castro story that I forgot until mid-afternoon about seeing a note on the CNN crawl late last night that Alain Robbe-Grillet had died. Today, Robbe-Grillet is obituarized by a Guardian obituarist who is himself already dead. (Look at the note at the end.) This seems incredibly fitting; it lends an extra layer of distance, a sense of objectivity. Le nouvel roman est mort, vive le nouvel roman. (Later: Ugh, nouveau roman, I shoulda said.)

As well, I want to note the death over the weekend of my colleague at The Globe and Mail, Val Ross, best known as the paper's reporter on literature and publishing in the '80s and '90s, and generally as a culture writer. Val had an extraordinary vitality, sharpness and humour, and a deep commitment to Canadian culture that will be missed at the paper. More personally, I will remember her as the most encouraging and enthusiastic person I met when I arrived at The Globe, someone who never failed to comment on one's latest article, who radiated warm fellow-feeling and an appreciation not only for culture and thought but for plain existence. At 57, she leaves us much too soon, but even my small acquaintance with her assures me those were 57 years fully lived, and that is a lesson to remember.

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For what it's worth, it's nouveau roman, rather than nouvel.

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fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I adored that guy!

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