by carl wilson

May the Most Uncanny Candidate Win

In the belief that all real political struggles are finally settled in the imaginary, Zoilus's dear friend, Toronto author Sheila Heti, has put up two blogs to gather the subconscious droppings of the current Democratic nomination contest: I Dream of Hillary and I Dream of Barack, where she is posting submitted dreams about the two frontrunners. To my surprise, given which one is running more as the "dream candidate," thus far Hillary is ahead 14 dreams to 11. What does this augur? Perhaps that the Clintons have insinuated themselves further into our collective repressed desires, having had a longer linger, even among those who consciously support the fresher face? Will this mean many compulsive Freudian slips of the lever/pencil/chad/touch-screen in upcoming primaries, as people walk dazedly out of the confessional voting booth thinking, "Wow, I really thought I meant to vote Obama?"

Barack supporters are encouraged to put dream journals by their bedsides and even up the score.

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Thanks, Carl!

We've got a new url:

Posted by Sheila Heti on February 21, 2008 12:15 PM



This is brilliant. I think this is a playfully arbitrary but not unreasonable way of measuring the race, and I love how it acknowledges the subconscious as an inescapable factor in such partisan matters.

Posted by laura on February 20, 2008 11:36 AM




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