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Did Obama Really Touch My Book?
Ask Me in NYC

'If you truly have vision, you can look to the future and see... the end of taste?'
Obama-Wilson rumour mongering hit Facebook this weekend.

This was too weird and funny not to share: I was informed this weekend by a dubiously reliable source, that my book was leafed through briefly on the campaign bus last week by Barack Obama, who made some joke to the effect that it sounded like I felt about Celine the same way he feels about Hillary. It was the Celine/Hillary connection that prompted him to pick it up in the first place, after a campaign volunteer (the guy who told me the story) left it lying around on the bus.

So there. Obviously I'm the future of America. If this guy isn't bullshitting me. And I have two readings in New York this week:

Tuesday Jan 22, 7:30 pm
Word bookstore, 126 Franklin St., Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This will probably be the more intimate-ish one. Unless word gets out about the free beer. (I'm not kidding.)

Wed, Jan 23, 8 pm (doors 7 pm)
Happy Ending Music and Reading Series.
Hosted by Amanda Stern. With Trinie Dalton (who comes recommended by Dennis Cooper, Aimee Bender and Ben Marcus) and Charles Bock (whose new novel Beautiful Children is endorsed by A. M. Homes and Jonathan Safran Foer) and me (whose book was maybe, possibly, briefly thumbed by Barack Obama). In addition to reading, each of us have to take some kind of "public risk" - doing something we've never done on stage before. (I've figured mine out. I'm nervous.) With music by Luke Temple. It's at 302 Broome St., between Forsythe and Eldridge, in Manhattan. It's highly recommended that you get there early ... apparently the place fills up fast.

Bloggery will be sparse to non till my return next weekend.

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So will you be backing Obama now (in a spiritual sense)?

Posted by kel on January 25, 2008 2:57 AM



i'll try to rep tdot expats on wednesday night.

risk! exciting!

Posted by Susana on January 21, 2008 2:59 PM




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