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Yes, there's been lots of action this week, what with the posting of the Eye and Idolator polls, but I've been a bit too crazed to comment. Perhaps over the weekend. For now, just a point of information. I've created a new separate site to keep track of events, reviews, interviews and such around the book (what book? look to your left), so that I don't clutter up Zoilus too much with such things. If you're curious about the adventures of me, or still on the fence about reading (or selling, if you happen to be a bookshop) the book, tom-cruise your way over to This Is What We Talk About (When We Talk About Let's Talk About Love) and click your finger off. I'll probably mention upcoming readings here too (such as the two next week in New York) but that'll be the main info hub.

(Later): Btw, The Globe and Mail had a review this weekend (link up on the blogspot but not here as I feel like the review gives a little too much away for people who haven't read the book yet). And Brian Joseph Davis, who DJ'd the launch offers this free download of a track he created for the event that mashes up Celine with Dutch anarcho-punk masters The Ex. He calls it "Celine as a Montreal crusty punk."

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Hey Carl,

Thanks. But it should be noted that this isn't a full track, just a cute transistion and mix inspired by one chapter of your book.

Belated congrats by the way. As I saw the swarm of humanity at your launch, while literally trapped in the DJ booth, all I could think was "I have to start writing non-fiction."

Posted by brian on January 21, 2008 11:40 AM




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