by carl wilson

Ghosting the Gramophone

The terrific trio who write my favourite mp3 blog, Said the Gramophone, are doing a series this week in response to Let's Talk About Love - they're doing a little bit of personal archaeology, examining the pre-history of their own tastes - taking up the notion of the "taste biography" that I propose early in LTAL. Dan started yesterday with a confession that his tastes began from the urge to explore the forbidden (parental-advisory stickers were his totems); today, by contrast, Sean gives a very honest and self-effacing account of his teenage addiction to sad songs and dismissal of angry ones as shallow and "mean" - while fun songs, songs to dance to, were completely out of the question. Tomorrow, Jordan completes the trilogy. And of course they all give you music to listen to as you read, because that's how StG rolls. I'll respond to their thoughts in more detail later in the week - after my book launch, which happens tomorrow.

Speaking of book events, by the way, I should tell New York-area readers that I'm appearing in the Happy Ending reading series there in two weeks, Wed Jan 23. There will probably be a couple of other events while I'm there.

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I love Happy Endings! Wish I could go...

Posted by Chandler Levack on January 8, 2008 10:23 PM




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