by carl wilson

A New Year Has Come...

... but for me, many things remain the same, namely that I spend odd amounts of time discussing Celine Dion. So it's always nice when YouTube steps in to help. This was patched together by someone (later: er, excuse me, by FourFour, who's read the book) out of the A New Day DVD, the five-hour document of her Las Vegas run, which is selling briskly. (In Canada, it almost instantly became the bestselling music DVD ever.)

Meanwhile, I'll be on WNYC's Soundcheck tomorrow at around 2 pm (EST) to talk about Celine, criticism and taste, as a little bit of post-end-of-year-listmaking hangover cure. (More on all those lists later in the week, by the way.)

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Hey Carl ~

Just thought you should know, that was put together by one amazing man named Rich...

Here's his blogpost about it:

We all appreciate the book, so sorries if that means sloggin' through celine-talk for another couple months...

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