by carl wilson

It's a Holiday, Such a Holiday...

That Bee Gees song always seemed so mysterious, Syd Barrett-ish, with its talk of puppets and thrown stones. Take my holiday silence this week in that same spirit and indulge in grand speculations. I'll be back with some year-endish blather next week; I've sent in my Idolator poll ballot hastily and wish I could revise it -even when you don't believe in the list ritual quite so much, there's still a self-portrait self-consciousness to the exercise, and this year I think my lists simply portray a person who was otherwise preoccupied. I was tempted to Bayard it and list some records I haven't gotten around to hearing yet (Robert Wyatt's Comicopera, f'rinstance) but apparently I'm not French enough to balls that through.

More next week.

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