by carl wilson

It's Only Just Begun

Best-of-year time is upon us, it seems, perhaps having crept even another week back in the calendar compared to last year's record-early-and-overdone list season. Because I spent half the year mainly listening to one album released 10 years ago and in the process imagining a world without words like best and worst, I'm not going to play the game this year, at least not in the sense of making a big footnoted list (I'll still play this game; glad they have had second thoughts on the name, though from the overgaudy they've swung all the way over to hyperbland). Interestingly, I find this decision to underparticipate is making me less jaded and annoyed about the whole end-of-year clusterfrak. In fact I almost feel like, "Goody, here's my chance to get caught up."

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