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Passing the Secret (Society) Along

Happy news from Darcy James Argue, who's not only a shakin'-and-bakin' young composer and band leader about town in NYC, but one of the most productive contributors to the non-pop/rock music blog world: In conjunction with the International Association of Jazz Educators conference in the T-dot in January, he's going to be presenting the very first Canadian gigs of his Secret Society big band. However, since it's prohibitively expensive to tour an 18-person group, what DJA is presenting is "Secret Society North," a reconstituted version that combines core members of his NYC ensemble with Canadian musicians. (Darcy is Canadian himself, hailing from Vancouver and having done his musical undergradding at McGill.) The roster is impressive: on reeds, Erik Hove, Christine Jensen, Joel Miller, Chet Doxas and Carl Maraghi; a heavy-hitting horn section of Ingrid Jensen, Dave Smith, Lina Allemano, Kevin Turcotte and Jocelyn Couture on trumpets and Mike Fahie, Kelsley Grant, Barb Hamilton and Bob Ellis; and in the rhythm section, Sebastian Noelle, guitar, Dave Restivo, piano, Matt Clohesy, bass, and Jon Wikan, drums.

As Darcy puts it: "Our gig there is an important opportunity to present Secret Society tunes to a much wider audience, but more than that, it's a chance for us to perform fresh and forward-looking music for students and educators who too often let their focus on jazz's past obscure their view of what is happening right now." (Cf. Dave Douglas's interesting reflections on jazz education and the New.)

In Toronto, besides an official IAJE gig Jan 10, they'll be at the Tranzac on Jan 11, and before they get here they'll be making a stop off at La Sala Rossa on Jan 8.

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