by carl wilson

Hey Halifax, Is That Your Pop Explosion,
Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

With all this action going on re: the Slate piece, I wish I could hang around and do that discourse thing, but I've gotta see a man about a plane. I'm heading to Halifax for the Hfx Pop Xploze, so I'll see you there if you're there, and if you want to see me there, I'm part of a panel discussion on something like The Canadian Scene '07: Bitchin' or Bogus, tomorrow (Saturday) at 3 pm @ the Lord Nelson Hotel in the "Britannia Room" (so you knowz it will Rule).

Further efforts to render the whole idea of "indie rock" moot will follow on Monday.

For those of you who might be new visitors, if you liked the Slate piece you might be interested in my book, which covers some of the same themes but in a very different way. To get a totally free PDF of the first two chapters for your sampling pleasure, send an email request to letstalkaboutcelineATyahooDOTcom.

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Much to my discredit, when asked by Exclaim to cover some/all of the Pop Explosion this year I declined because all the shows start so late. Apparently I am a very old man.

Enjoy the city (as it is the best one).

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