by carl wilson

Objects in the Mirrors

Sandro Perri (right) with Ryan Driver (left) and other guests launch Tiny Mirrors tonight at the Tranzac. Photo from Basic Sounds.

Alert. Note this reference in today's throne speech: "Our Government will improve the protection of cultural and intellectual property rights in Canada, including copyright reform." Get the engines warned up for a serious fight, everybody.

Hurrah. Longtime Zoilus superteam member and occasional contributor Chris Randle this week launched his own blog, Gutteral. It's mainly a comics blog (thus the name), and so far there's just an introductory post, but I'm looking forward to seeing what sprouts in those gutters.

Tonight, local luminary Sandro Perri (aka Polmo Polpo) launches his new album Tiny Mirrors at the Tranzac in Toronto. I've hoped to have time to write more about this record, but since I can't today, let me just give you the soundbites: Along with the new Sunset Rubdown disc, Tiny Mirrors might be the best Canadian album of 2007 - gorgeous, soulful, creatively written, unique in sound. (The closest comparison in wobbly out-of-focusness is last year's reminiscently titled Dull Lights by Eric Chenaux - Chenaux appears on Perri's record, as do several of the same collaborators - but Perri's songwriting style is quite different.) Pivoted around a cover of Fred Neil/Harry Nilsson's "Everybody's Talkin'," much of the album partakes of that same bruised raincloud emotional tone, but it always slips away like a thought bubble bursting just when you want to hold it to your chest and sob along. If you can get to the Tranzac tonight I urge you not to miss it. A top contender for next year's Polaris &allathatjazz.;

Unfortunately it seems I'm going to have to miss it, because I'm busy converting my planned post on Sasha's New Yorker piece (foretold yesterday) into an article for Slate. It should hit their site sometime tomorrow - keep your browsers peeled.

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Dont see anything up on Slate yet. Am I missing it?

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