by carl wilson

A Great Swirl of (Let's Talk About) Love

Patti Smith at Pop Montreal. Photo by Gordon Bisnor.

I hadn't realized this was happening so soon but Idolator has put up an excerpt and some very kind remarks about my upcoming book. Also, as announced there, the 33 1/3 people are making an offer that if you want to read the first two chapters (from which the excerpt is drawn), you can email for a PDF: letstalkaboutcelineATyahooDOTcom.

Meanwhile here I am at Pop Montreal and I haven't been telling you anything. The main story for me (I got here late and haven't been running around as much as planned) is the Patti Smith show at the Eglise Jean-Baptiste last night, which I'm reviewing for the Globe on Monday but I'll say here what I can't say there: shit, wow, holy fuck. I mean, look at what that church looks like. Now add Patti Smith to that. I hardly have to say more. But she was also on a complete love buzz for Montreal, which made the whole thing more special. I didn't get here in time for the surprise Wednesday show with the folks from A Silver Mt. Zion, but everyone, including Patti during the Friday show, said it was incredible. Here's how she described it - improvised, as a song: "I came to Montreal three days ago, though it feels like three weeks/ I done two panels, a press conference, and someone took my picture/ ... And I went to the Ukrainian Hall and I met Silver Mt. Zion" (you have to imagine her strumming her guitar and crooning this), "We didn't have much time and I never got to know their names, and yet we travelled together in the realm of trust, in a great swirl of love... I went to the Mile's End [sic], where the railroad tracks move like the palms into the horizon and the factories loom beautiful, unspoiled, and the junkie shoots and the musicians wonder if they should put a machine with clean works to protect them from themselves. Everything I saw in Montreal was wonderful... and I now gotta get back to work." (She goes into My Blakeyan Year.)

Other highlights: The Republic of Safety's maybe last, and maybe best, show ever. The Luyas and Feuermusik to an unfortunately sparse room. The Nymphets in the afternoon. But I haven't gotten around all that much. Tonight much more - the Fred Wesley/So-Called "House Party," the CBC Radio 3 showcase with Sunset Rubdown, the DJ/Rupture set (if you are in Montreal, do not sleep on Jace's set - 1 am at bar Coda). Maybe some other bits of action. I'll report back.

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