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Things Will Shortly Get Completely Out of Hand

Mountain Goats lyrics consult at Lee's Palace on Sept. 25:
See note on "Tulsa Imperative." Photo swiped from Amber B.

There's nothing I can say about the Mountain Goats show last night that won't sound fawning and ridiculous, as became clear listening to everybody speak fawningly and ridiculously afterwards. I can only say that I kind of wish tMGs would never release another album so that all their tours could be non-album tours and we could get completely unpredictable setlists like last night's, which hit all sorts of out-of-the-way spots in 14 years worth of John Darnielle songs, including one he never recorded at all, two that have yet to be recorded, and so on. And his showmanship was in peak form as well.

(For an annotated set list, look after the jump.)

Check it out (this is not in order, I don't think):

Up the Wolves (2005) (included a false start - "I got overexcited." an audience member had to remind him of the first line)
Cheshire County (1995)
Wild Sage (2006) (terrific theatricalized performance)
In the Craters on the Moon (2007) (new song, which seems like an oblique Iraq protest song)
Store (aka Aisle) (2002) (JD gets one of the verses out of order for a moment, but catches and corrects himself)
Woke Up New (2006)
How to Embrace a Swamp Creature (2007) (another new song, with long, funny introduction explaining the scenario of going to visit your ex's apartment incredibly ill-advisably, in a state of total desperation, with the alibi that you're coming to get your Miles Davis albums)
Tollund Man (1995) (featuring apparently an entire new verse that JD sings away from the mic, just mostly to himself, including the words "this is my father's country" or possibly "this is my father's will" and "rejoice, rejoice": it's the secret happy ending)
Tulsa Imperative (1993ish?) (after a lengthy intro explaining how the song was written and then forgotten by John, doing a very funny imitation of his hyper-amped-up younger self - Peter interrupting to say the reason John forgot the song is that he couldn't get a good recording of it within a day of it being written, which by early tMG's insanely rigid rules meant the song was a discard, so Peter's then band Diskothi-Q played it - JD completely forgets lyrics halfway through, and he and Peter have an amazingly long side-conversation trying to remember them, and finally have to admit defeat)
Cobscook Bay (2000) (I was very happy to hear this tune from the Isopanisad Radio Hour 1-sided 12" EP; I might have squealed like a little girl; maybe)
Jenny (2002)
Dilaudid (2005)
Nine Black Poppies (1995) (fantastic performance of this one - burned the image of the "jet black postmark" into my brain)
Old College Try (2002)

encore 1
Snow Crush Killing Song (1995) (!!)
No Children (2002) ("please join me in singing this hateful little song")

encore 2
Tulsa Imperative (now with forgotten verses restored: "Between the time Peter and I left the stage and now ... we have to give thanks for wireless internet")
Dance Music (2005)
Houseguest (1994) ("I know you guys have seen this, but I just love singing this song" - another tour de force performance, highlighted by creepy-loser hip undulations perfectly in character for the stalkerish guy in the song, which is of course originally by Franklin Bruno)

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I was excited to see TMG on Tuesday for the specific reason that they were not touring in support of an album (Get Lonely tour was very soft and quiet and less than ideal). Yet, I would never wish that they would stop producing albums. I will just take the album tours for what they are, and look anxiously ahead for the non-album tours where they let loose.

Posted by Kyle on September 27, 2007 2:53 PM



So, let me get this straight. You like the tMG?

Posted by Phil on September 27, 2007 11:58 AM




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