by carl wilson

There's an Echo in Here. And in Here. And in Here

Chris Corsano, Luciano Pavarotti, Ian Curtis.

Echo 1: The $5,000 Echo Prize for independent Canadian songwriters, which I discussed a couple of entries back, has now put up its voting page up, and you're allowed to vote for your favourite of the nominated songs (by Abdominal, Feuermusik, Nathan, Chad VanGaalen and the Besnard Lakes) once a day until 5 pm on Sept. 28. Actually, if you have both a home computer and a work computer, for example, you can probably vote twice a day. That's a whole lot of voting for Feuermusik ahead of you. Get busy.

Echo 2: I admit it, like everyone else I'm excited about the Ian Curtis bio-pic too. I'm just so sure that I'll be disappointed. If only it weren't directed by Anton Corbijn, I wouldn't be getting my hopes up. It's an eerie echo that it comes so shortly after Tony Wilson's death. Did you hear the story about Wilson's coffin - that it has a Factory Records catalogue number? The last one, of course: FAC 501. If that story's made up, whoever did it really knows how to make up stories. Now, I want to know if Peter Saville designed Wilson a gravestone.

Echo 3: Also in this week's Eye, weirdly dropped hints about a Chris Corsano gig at 5 pm on Sunday at the Tranzac in Toronto. Turns out it's true - I just got word that free-jazz drummer Corsano, who is on tour with Bjork, is performing with Buffalo baritone sax player Steve Baczkowski. If you don't know Corsano, he's a real force, who's also played with Paul Flaherty, Jessica Rylan, Evan Parker, Thurston Moore, Jim O'Rourke, Nels Cline, Jandek, Keiji Haino and more. The Guyaveras and Colin Fisher open up.

Echo 4: Also in this week's Eye, quote of the motherfuckin' week, from Taiwanese black-metal band Chthonic: "The government is sometimes pretending like they are metal fans on websites and message boards, saying they are against our messages. I can tell they are because they spell everything wrong, like 'Dimmu Borg' and 'Cradle of Fifth.' " (Of course no real metal fan would ever misspell words on a message board!)

Echo 5: If it starts sounding hollow and ringing around here, it's because I'm, at last, in the final two weeks of work on the book, and can't spare much time to blog. I can, however, finally say with a degree of certainty that there really will be a book, which is a soothing feeling. Less soothing is having been up all night working on the chapter that touches (not very charitably) upon Celine's duet with Luciano Pavarotti (an adaptation, by the way, of this 1973 Shirley Bassey hit) - and then waking up to the news that the fat lady has sung for the fat man. My colleague Robert Everett-Green has a Pavarotti appreciation on The Globe and Mail's website.

Echo 6: Feuermusik-sik-sik-sik-sik...

(Later:) Echo 7: German contemporary ensemble Zeitkratzer has released an acoustic arrangement of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music. I haven't heard it yet but the idea is pretty fucking amazing, considering that MMM, famously, consists of nothing but an hour of feedback. Says Reed himself: "Zeitkratzer gets in touch with me: 'Can we play Metal Machine Music live?' I said, 'It can't be done.' They said, 'We transcribed it. Let us send you a few minutes of it and you tell us.' They sent it, I played it, and there it was. It was unbelievable. I said, 'My God! Okay, go do it.' They said, 'Will you play guitar on the last part of it?' So Metal Machine Music finally got performed live at the Berlin Opera House. It's extraordinary, because all those years ago it was considered a career ender. And it almost was, believe you me." The group's director says the transcription draws on orchestration techniques from Debussy as well as the group's experience working with later noise musicians like Merzbow. And yeah, Reed sits in on the last part, melding the original MMM and the new, wood-and-brass-machine music.

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Dude yoo don't no reel blak mettal at al.

Posted by Brent on September 15, 2007 11:42 PM




if you ever make it down to Hamilton to guest spin tunes, could you bring an excerpt of MMM "unplugged" ?

Apres book, of course....

Posted by B.F. "e-Mole" Mowat on September 13, 2007 9:55 AM




if you ever make it down to Hamilton to guest spin tunes, could you bring an excerpt of MMM "unplugged" ?

Apres book, of course....

Posted by B.F. "e-Mole" Mowat on September 13, 2007 9:54 AM



Thanks for the tip on the Corsano/Baczkowski show, Carl.It was definitely a real crowd pleaser.

Posted by Half on September 9, 2007 10:32 PM




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