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Toronto cellist/electroacoustic musician Nick Storring has launched a laudable addition to the music-blog world, which (though I'm not keeping up as much as usual due to the book deadline) feels like a rare occurrence lately. Nick's blog is called "End(-)Of(-)World(-)Music," dedicated to his adventures in non-western musics of all sorts. It opened strong with a thoughtful polemic about the uselessness of the "world music" designation, a couple of entries sharing specific discoveries (complete with YouTube videos) and most recently a reflection on the aesthetic/ethical profiles of two projects in which North American independent/underground sensibilities and global sound exploration meet, the labels Sublime Frequencies (which I've written about at length here) and the newer Drag City offshoot Yaala Yaala, which was new to me. While I'm not convinced it can be done, I found Nick's attempt to rehabilitate the term "exotic" from its colonial associations thought-provoking. He's got me hooked.

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