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'He could produce genuine surprises'


Excellent obituary over the weekend in The Guardian of the late European free-improvisation pioneer, trombonist Paul Rutherford, who died last week. Rutherford was one of the founders of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, which would include the likes of John Stevens, Trevor Watts, Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Maggie Nichols, Peter Kowald, etc. Although I think the article does bend over backwards just a bit: It would be less "fanciful" to "trace the beginnings of European free improvising" to AMM, which I believe began prior to the SME, not to mention Joe Harriott's "free form" jazz. But that's quibbling. The obit is well worth reading.

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That's very exciting news - way to go, Scott/AIMT!

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Paul Rutherford was a truly masterful musician and I miss him very deeply.

On the subject of AMM, Carl, AIMToronto has just confirmed a late-October Interface Series with founding (and only constant) member, Eddie Prevost. Eddie is also truly masterful and a mentor to me. More information about this event is soon to come.

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