by carl wilson

I Never Felt So Much Alike (Alike, Alike, Alike ...)


Nate Petrin takes the ball, runs with it, carries the ball around the world counterclockwise at the speed of light, thereby reversing time, saves Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson, defeats Braniac and then superspeeds the ball back around the world clockwise to shoot it through the goalposts in the final second of overtime.

Nate contributed the Iron Man limerick to last week's fun and games, but, unsated, he decided to climb a higher mountain: An entire album, with a limerick for every song. His chosen victim? The Clash's London Calling. You have to read the whole thing (probably with a track listing nearby for crossreferencing), but here's a taste, Nate's version of Jimmy Jazz:

A rasta named James was once fearless
'Til he was found headless and earless
I was quizzed by a copper
'Bout a suspect be-bopper
But I've no idea where that heel is.

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Jason posted this in the old thread but I think it's apropos here (and otherwise people might miss it):

Once I started, I couldn't stop myself. Here's the entire "Side two" medley from Abbey Road:

You never give me your pillow
Any-jobbers drive lorries yellow
But sweet dreams came true
In a limousine, too
And heaven's where all good kids go.

I hear crickets - The Sun King comes hence
The revelers laugh in their tents
"Mi amore de felice"
"Tanta mucho, cake and eat" - hey,
What's all this Italian nonsense?

There once was a Mean Mr. Mustard
Whose sister Pam was a shop hustler.
He spied the old Queen
Shouted something obscene
And Her Highness was royally flustered.

Polythene Pam was a looker
Who some might mistake for a hooker
She caused quite a scene
In her bag polythene
And the News of the World called to book her.

Her loo-window entrance was bold
She worked fifteen clubs, so I'm told
She could steal, but not rob
So I quit my cop job -
One sec - I've got Tuesday on hold.

"There once was a way to get home..."
Now I find myself scratching my dome.
Despite my best tries,
I just can't limerick-ize
When the song has five lines like my poem.

To carry that weight with great ease
You mustn't just lift with your knees
No, here is the thing:
It will help if you sing
And the first tune becomes a reprise.

And so ends this long serenade
The record you're glad to have played.
With Ringo a-bashing
And three guitars thrashing
Love taken is equal to made.

(for full effect, wait twenty seconds before reading further...)

Her majesty's quite a nice chick
She's quiet, but I know the trick.
I'll ply her with wine
And soon she'll be mine.
The Beatles' breakup makes me sick!

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