by carl wilson

Amigos Makin' Art;
Plus, Happy 80th, John Ashbery

P(re)-S. Thanks for all the limerickal steez. Keep 'em comin'. And now...

Zoilus has frequently spoken of dear pal Misha Glouberman and the curious classes he teaches at the Misha Glouberman School of Learning, in various forms of improvisation, especially vocal, for non-musicians. Better than any account I can offer is this new short documentary about his latest class, based on John Zorn's Cobra. The film is by Rose Bianchini:

Another friend, Cathy Gordon, has long been planning a project I find compelling/horrifying/beautiful: Five years after she separated from her husband of eight years, Steve, Cathy was finding herself continually avoiding finalizing the divorce. So she created a structure she felt would enable her to do it: On August 13, from 11:30 am to 7:30 pm, she is crawling across Toronto on her hands and knees, in her wedding dress, visiting a series of significant locations from her marriage, and at the final station, signing the divorce papers. She is documenting the whole process (including her current crawling training) on a new website that is more than worth a visit.


Finally, tomorrow, Sat. July 28, marks the 80th birthday of probably my favourite living writer, American poet John Ashbery. Mainly via Facebook, I've been organizing a "notional celebration," just to encourage people to think of Ashbery with gratitude tomorrow, but that has developed as well into an actual, modest-scale celebration: At 3:30 pm, a few people are going to gather at Clinton's bar in Toronto, pretend it's the Cedar Tavern, quaff a few cocktails and read a little Ashbery. If you're so inclined, join us. Or just raise a glass in that spirit tomorrow, wherever you are.

The segments of the trip swing open like an orange.
There is light in there and mystery and food.
Come see it.
Come not for me but it.
But if I am still there, grant that we may see each other.

- from "Just Walking Around," A Wave, 1984

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I'm quite blown away by the installation. I think there are some interesting parallels to Ashbery's "Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror."

Posted by Stephanie on July 30, 2007 7:35 PM



Will the ex appear at certain points along the route to hand out bottled water/GOBLETS OF HIS OWN BLOOD to keep her hydrated?

Posted by martin on July 27, 2007 5:31 PM




Zoilus by Carl Wilson