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Saw the ever-delightful Khaela Maricich aka Portland "band" (bandonym *) The Blow (aka "Toronto's wife" after she "married" Toronto in a performance a few years back) last night at the Horseshoe, with Republic of Safety opening. Not as high-concept a narrative to the performance as other times, but a nice taxonomization of the varieties of the love song (from the "I keep moving towards you and you keep moving away" song to the love-achieved song - which Maricich basically maintained goes "la la la la la," no further words - to of course the lost love song or the "I'm so over you" - except you're not because you're still singing about it - song, and so forth), and the question of whether the songwriter pursues bad relationships in order to have something to write songs about, or vice versa... with the dances and the demonstrations, the anecdotes and the emotions. I especially like it when Khaela's goofy-wonder-and-sauciness songs, with their sixties pop melody lines, get combined with actually funky, Beyoncesque R&B; beats. Doesn't happen quite enough. Lots else happens though. There's a nice, like-eavesdropping chat between Khaela and her friend, the filmmaker/performer/writer Miranda July, in the latest issue of The Believer. For those puzzled by the line about the "deli aisle" in Parentheses, all is explained.

Among other things that happened this weekend, the odd pair-up of Gogol Bordello's Eugene Hutz with Madonna at Live Earth should not go unmentioned. It seems that he and the band are appearing in Madge's first project as a movie director. I'm trying to keep a completely open mind about this but Madonna + movies does not always go so well, so blocking the route to my open mind you might discover some wincing eyes.

Meanwhile in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, Yamataka Eye of the Boredoms did something typically bravura and beautiful - a snaking 77-drummer "boa" for 7/7/07. (The drummers including Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt and Kid Millions from Oneida.) As Kelefa Sanneh notes in that NYT story, Eye has managed here to do the apparently impossible - to redeem the drum circle. Sneaky.

* PS: I just did a quick search and discovered that you can now find a dozen or so hits on Google of people using the term "bandonym" who are not me, as if it were a word. I can't help but be very tickled by that.

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I heard (and dug) that term last year from a non-you source. Right on. Well done. Be tickled.

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