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Just Flew in From Facebook...


... and boy, are my proprioceptive ego-self boundaries tired. That thing is a mindfuck. As you all know. I am late to the party, which I now realize is kind of like a whole second Internet. So that's what "2.0" means. My friend Lauren says Facebook is "a TV show about a town." Which is true, except that it is a town where all surfaces are wrapped in mirrors, which makes the TV show overwhelming to watch (and watch watching itself). (Btw, Lauren's three-day art show begins tonight. See the gig guide for details.)

As a result of all the distraction, many things to catch up with:

Fastest case of a Cat & Girl comic coming true in real world ever: Metal-addiction disability claims.

Next record you need to hear: Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators. "The Soul Investigators" is the best backup-band name in neo-soul if not in soul of all time. It reminds me of Colson Whitehead's The Intuitionist, as well as that Woody Allen joke about cheating on his metaphysics exam by looking into the soul of the boy next to him.

Mike Watt interviews Tony Maimone (bassist for Pere Ubu and many other bands over the years).

Devo remain the smartest.

The Diodes reunion is documented on YouTube.

Brooklyn's Dirty Projectors are doing a Pierre-Menard-writes-Don-Quixote-stylee exercise with Black Flag's Damaged, under the title Rise Above - that is, to be clear, Dave Longstreth reproduced the album from memory, song by song, without reference to the source. All on acoustic guitar I think. (See comments.) Notable for all Oulipian-inclined rock fans.

Which makes me wonder: Has there ever been a rock/pop Oulipo subsection, official or not? There should be. Along with the DPs, I nominate Pyramid Culture as founding members - their constraints include all members being female and having three names, all stage costumes being primary colours, and, most importantly, all songs being non-fiction. On their upcoming album, titled 100% True, I hear that all songs will appear in alphabetical order. The disc will be launched together with Brian Joseph Davis's book/CD The Definitive Host in Toronto at Mercer Union on Aug. 3.

This weekend in Toronto, the big musical newses (for those of us for whom Pride is not the big news) are Extermination Night tonight and The Ex tomorrow, but I didn't want to leave unmentioned the remarkable-sounding tribute to Carole King's Tapestry that's taking place at the Boat on Sunday, with a different artist/group covering each song on the 1971 album, whose sheer number of classic tracks is kind of astounding to behold. Anticipated highlights include ZZ Sharrock doing I Feel the Earth Move, Sandro Perri perforing It's Too Late, Nif-D playing (the Gilmore Girls theme song) Where You Lead and Katie Stelmanis closing up with (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (which was a Goffin-King tune, though Aretha recorded it first). A waaaay better prospect than the actual released 1995 tribute album, although that one did have Aretha herself, and the Bee Gees - it's really hard to live down the one-two punch of Richard Marx and the Blessid Union of Souls. (Yes, I swear, they spell "Blessed" with an "i". I believe there's some law on the books that makes this grounds for being tied to a stake under a full moon and being torn apart by weasels, right?)

I was going to make a list of picks for the Toronto Jazz Festival, but you can look to the sidebar and the gig guide for that, for now. Also here are my Globe and Mail colleague JD Considine's choices, and some my friends at Eye.

Otherwise, though, I am pretty out of it. Any major controversies happening I should know?

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I've often wondered what sort of Oulipian constraints would be useful for musicmaking/songwriting — one I thought of: Using one song (a "classic") as the lyrical base, and another as a musical one. (Possibly my memory is foggy, but I seem to remember reading, in the liner notes to one of the versions of GET HAPPY!!, that "Possession" has a bassline from a Supremes song (or something); what E.C. doesn't say is that the first two lines come from the Beatles ("With Love From Me to You").

For an album — this isn't so difficult, but all the titles on the Magnetic Fields' "i" begin with "I"...

Any songs in which the initial letters of each line can be read acrostically?

Love this site—

Posted by Ed on July 9, 2007 3:29 PM



Yeah, it is about getting your real-life friends to be Facebook friends - that's the simulacrum side of it.

Posted by zoilus on June 24, 2007 11:56 AM



Yeah, I have a registered account and everything, it's just that I go there, and login, and then it's just like: well, what now?

I'm sure that a huge part of that is me only having like 1 Facebook friend, but quite honestly, I don't have the patience to go thru the whole tedious process of builing up an entirely new friend database every time I join one of these new sites.

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It's just a much more immersive design and interface, at least to me. I'm no expert on this stuff so I don't have the language to explain (I didn't get it when it was described to me either), but there's also the fact that I find MySpace clunky for communication and unpleasant generally to look at - though it's great for music research - so I never got very into using it for communication. The Facebook environment simply feels more like a "real" environment, and the multiple modes of contact within it feel more genuinely like being in the presence of the people there. But you'd have to sample for yourself to see if you agree, Ryan.

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I am not trying to be a jerk or anything, I'm being serious: what is the big deal with Facebook? What is it I'm missing? How is it different from anything else like Myspace?

Remember, I'm being SERIOUS. What am I missing?

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Sorry! Fixed!

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I'd love to read the Mike Watt/Tony Maimone interview. The link is broken though.

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Hmm, right you are, now that I'm listening. Press release was misleading a bit. Sorry!

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the new dirty projectors is very not acoustic

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Wow, you're either a very unhinged human or a very smart spambot. This is like a comments-box Turing test all of a sudden. Eerie.

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That's crazy FACEBOOK is going nuts! I think the begining of the end what the Corporate Widgets they plan to implent.

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