by carl wilson

Hang on, St. Christopher Jude

Marc Ribot on "The Care and Feeding of a Musical Margin." You know how Ribot's guitar can pull the underskeleton of a melody out through its skin, rearrange the bones so the creature impossibly becomes twice its own size, and make the whole process seem as lively as a unicyclist juggling fire? Well, turns out he can do much the same when he's discussing the economics of sustaining a new-music scene, specifically in Manhattan. He's especially cogent on the fact that government funding is no substitute for market funding, because of the dynamics that competition brings, yet at the same time "do it yourself" models are no substitute for public funding (relying on a logic of self-subsidization that falls apart pretty quickly).

(Btw, in case you think Ribot's just talking the talk, in April he was arrested for refusing to vacate the Tonic club when it was being closed - he and Rebecca Moore kept on playing till the NYC cops hauled them away. Apparently the charges weren't dropped at their hearing either; they have a court date in July.)

Read, consider, discuss.

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