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Nobody Takes Manhattan First Anymore...


Bad news for Toronto, good news for Berlin: Stillepost chatter reveals that members of Kids on TV are moving to Berlin this summer, following in the allemanding footsteps of localz Joel Gibb (Hidden Cameras), Peaches, etc.: "these next shows were doing in may/june are going to be our last ones in Canada for a long time. We won't stop coming back but it will be a lot less frequently." The queer-dance-underwear-punx-party band has just put out its full-length debut Mixing Business with Pleasure on Blocks in Canada and Chicks On Speed Records on the rest of the planet Earth.

Read about the band here (how can you resist a profile that begins, "A pink plastic cock is pressed against Scott Kerr's cheek, blurring his black and white facepaint..."?) Zoilus Team Hunger Force action figure Chris Randle will also have a profile of the band in tomorrow's Eye. B(oot)log has a great set of tracks from KoTV's mashup set with Ohbijou on CBC Radio's Fuse (and B(oot)log's right, that show doesn't get enough credit - does it still exist?).

Below is the video for KoTV's Breakdance Hunx, but before you watch it, I must insist you go listen to Club Action by Yo Majesty from Tampa at their MySpace - I'm sure all the internetses were talking about this months ago or something but I've just heard it and it is the catchiest song released anywhere in the universe this year. Yep, more than anything under yer umber-ella-ella, and way more than Lip Gloss (which can, however, proudly claim to be the mostest so-dumb-it's-brilliant song of '07). CLUB ACTION. I officially declare summer open for gettin'-busyness.

And now back to the Hunks:

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Hey, great to hear from you Caitlin. You folks are doing amazing stuff - very much the kind of things I wanted to do with my live series Tin Tin Tin a few years ago, but couldn't carry off (mainly due to the small matter of having no budget).

Tagaq & Apostle of Hustle!

Tune in, folx.

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Thank you kindly, Carl, for your comments about CBC's Fuse, and for linking to the KOTV/Ohbijou set. I'm actually the producer of the show, so I can confirm that it's indeed still on the air (3PM Saturdays on Radio 1, and 5PM Sundays on Radio 2).

Our show is pretty broad in its musical scope, so sometimes people who like one Fuse don't like another. And it doesn't always work, as putting two artists together is always an experiment. But it's pretty fun to do.

I'm glad to see you & others linking to MP3s of sets like this one and the Cadence Weapon/Final Fantasy show, as neither I nor the show can officially condone those web copies myself. But I'm really glad people get to hear the music this way. So thanks!

Sorry for the self-promotional nature of this comment, but I'm tickled when I see a mention of the show.

Oh, and before I stop completely, let me just say that this week's episode is rather interesting: Tanya Tagaq and Apostle of Hustle.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson