by carl wilson

'That was really hardcore -
and you want some more?'


John Kelman at All About is (sorta) live-blogging the Victoriaville festival (FIMAV), so far covering the Marilyn Crispell/Lotte Anker/Andrew Cyrille/Mark Helias quartet, Corkestra, the Michael Snow/Alan Licht/Aki Onda trio, Theresa Transistor, John Zorn's solo (seen above), the meshugginah Melvins, Signal Quintet, the Victoriaville field-sampling project, Carla Bozulich and (less happily) Acid Mothers Gong. By Kelman's reckoning it's turning out, as the programming promised, to be a very good Victo year.

As for Zoilus's year, I am now well and truly hunkered down in bookwritin' mode, folks, so expect posting to continue being erratic for the next several weeks. Your patience is appreciated.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson