by carl wilson

"Once you're up there, and they're sawing you in half ..."

Yesterday's Toronto Star featured a lovely Murray Whyte profile of Toronto's own Edie Sedgwick figure (without the doom), the Three Guts Records founder, artist, Santa Cruz director and, until recently, Tin Tin Tin visual creator Tyler Clark Burke.

I'll post some pics later today of the last Tin Tin Tin, where you'll see tcb's genii in action... This also seems a good time to mention that I'm looking for a new visual director for the series, to do posters, set design and whatever might rattle your Tin Tin Tin chains. It's a volunteer position (with expenses paid) but decent exposure for a young artist, especially one with any passion for the music world. Hit the "contact" button up top and get in touch.

Speaking of which, if I had time I would love to write about the current Judas Priest-themed "Electric Eye" art show at Sis Boom Bah. (Note: Their site's not quite up to date so for show info go to the "upcoming" menu and select "Electric Eye.") But since I don't have time, I'll direct you to gentleman Mike Doherty's piece about it in today's Globe.

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this is what connects chromewaves to my mean magpie.

Eventually the whole thing will be switched over to, but until then, me and Frank, why we're related!!

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