by carl wilson

How has the human spirit ever survived the terrific literature with which it has had to contend?

Here's the program for the next Tin TiN TIN, my monthly "live mash-up" music series at the Drake. (Where, incidentally, I had a smashingly smashed time at Damian Rogers' "live magazine" series Pontiac Quarterly last night.)

What is Tin TiN TIN? A lark, a bagatelle, a canapé; a man, a plan, a canal: I take musicians from different backgrounds who don't normally play together and make them play together. Genres are smashed. Avant-fun is promulgated. Death takes a holiday.

This month:

The Barmitzvah Barcelona All-Bass All-Boss Band
(Featuring Jenny from the Barmitzvah Brothers, Steve of the Barcelona Pavilion, Kat of the BP and Republic of Safety, Jonny of Republic of Safety and Wavelength, and others TBA - all playing bass, all playing spazzed-out Springsteen covers)

Aidan Baker, QuasiMojo, 11t1 and Don Cash
(three laptops and a hip-hop-new-wave freestyle singer, baby)

COBRA-TRON! the improvised music video game
(Joe Sorbara and Misha Glouberman and friends take the mystery out of John Zorn's Cobra by playing it with a wall-sized interactive visual display - genius plus love equals Cobra-Tron!)

Wed June 30 (Canada Eve)
$5-$10 or PWYC
Drake Underground
1150 Queen W.
Doors 9 pm Show 10 pm SHARP

presented by carl wilson
visuals by tyler clark burke
between-set selectors: the global pop conspiracy

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