by carl wilson

The Conspiracy Widens

Hi. This is me, finally back. We won't dwell on Mr. In-Between, at least for the moment. First order of business: In case you've never been to my Tin Tin Tin series, you've probably been going mad with curiosity about what the between-sets music by the Global Pop Conspiracy is like. Jules, who filled in for her comrade Kevin for the first time at this week's T.T.T., contributes a rough set list:

Blessed State - Wire
Good Side - This Heat
Alo Mi Alo - Orlando Julius & the Afro Sounders
Ether - Gang of Four
Ceremony - Xiu Xiu
Cold Bear - The Gaturs
Horns of a Rabbit - Do Make Say Think
Get Down - Curtis Mayfield
Beats Prepare for Torture - Pixeltan
Dancing Time - Funkees
So Then - Headman
Sunny Nights - Ui
Pardon My Freedom - !!!
Pablo Picasso - The Modern Lovers
Everyday I Die - Gary Numan
Dot/Eyes - Tortoise
Dance - Suicide
Flex Your... - The They Thems
Without Your Homeboys - Tupac
Faking the Books - Lali Puna
Is That Alright FYUZ - Add N to X
Don't Stop - Tussle
Ca Viewing - Erase Errata
Dad, There's A Little Phrase... - Outhud
Yeah (stupid mix) - LCD Soundsystem

Good, nu?

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