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T.T.T. #1 was #1

How did the first Tin TiN TIN at the Drake go on Wednesday? The fact that it's taken me till Friday to calm down enough to blog it should be some indication.

For a first outing, it couldn't have been better. [...]

Lots to build on and think about, but overall it was (a) a shockingly strong evening of music, thanks to the wonderful folks who participated; and (b) an even more surprisingly good party, especially thanks to Kevin of Global Pop Conspiracy and the hyperactive indie-disco party people he inspired to kick it till the wee hours after the performances were over. (Legend has it that it was the INXS that got the dance floor moving - who knew?) And that's not even to mention the three-way orgy makeout session...

The show sold out and enabled me to pay the artists much more closely to decently than I'd expected. Thanks to everyone who attended for digging a little deeper into your pay-what-you-can pocket and helping support the risk-taking musicians (and dancers and actors and projectionists and unclassifiables, though sadly no Mary Margaret O'Hara) who brought their work together this week.

In a future entry here, I'll discuss the complications of being a music critic who's also a music presenter. Meanwhile, at the next T.T.T., in late March (either the 24th or the 31st, to be confirmed), I hope to have more of the same and yet more of the different too - definitely more singing, and a push for rhythmic beats as well as (not instead of) the abstract kind brought by our electronic contingent this time around. More of the eye-candy (slides/movie/theatre/props) that was an unplanned but piano-keys-grin-inducing part of the evening. And less nervous fumbling at the mic by the MC. (The gig's still new to me.)

All those with suggestions and proposals, click that "Contact" button up above and drop me a line. Same thing if you'd just like to be on the mailing list.

For evocative description, here's what one T.T.T. attendee had to say:

Tin Tin Tin was like BEATNIK SUMMER CAMP. The first performance [Burdocks] was like music from a MUPPET OPERA. (Someone should write the libretto. Ideally, Sondheim.) The second act [Three Ring Circuits + Jenny and her Omnichord] was like Ester Drang. (Well, I kept saying "This sounds like a CD I have" and that CD is Goldenwest by Ester Drang.) The third act [Polmo Polpo, Great Bob Scott + Chris Gartner] wasn't really like anything else I can think of. It was rather mesmerizing the way the baboons kept melting and exploding. (It seems likely that no-one has ever typed that sentence before.) The fourth act [The Rat King Mini Rock Opera] was like the theatre-performance art project at the end of Beatnik Summer Camp, where all the kids get to use the costumes and set pieces they've made in Beatnik Crafts to put on an art happening influenced by French existentialism. The Drake Hotel itself is like having a dream about a really swanky hotel, where you're standing there going, "Don't ALL swanky hotels have chalkboards in the lobby covered in diagrams explaining different four-dimensional topological models of the universe? I can't seem to remember now." (Perhaps they were only furniture sketches or something, I was a little drunk at that point.)

And here's some of set designer Tyler Clark Burke's photos - hope she doesn't mind me posting them here. If anyone else took pics, please let me know.

drake-05-hunter.jpg LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... : The stage is set...

drake-06-band01.jpg TWIPT TARRRA TOOT: The Burdocks group plays what seems like a celestial fanfare for Tin Tin Tin, piped in from another, more beautiful Christian Wolff dimension...

drake-02.jpg EYES BLAZING: Dazzled Tin Tin Tin-goers mill around Tyler's side-wall banners...

drake-play02.jpg RAT KING FEVER: Maggie MacDonald's indescribably wonderful Brecht-meets-Dr.-Seuss Rat King Mini-Rock Opera in progress...

drake-04-sheila.jpg NO ROOM AT THE INN: Sean K. Robb and Sheila Heti play the heavies at the door.

More thanks than I can express to the Drake (Jeff, Barnaby and especially Duncan Macdonell), Sheila, Sean K., Misha and Jonny Dovercourt for their aid and comfort, to all the musicians, to Tyler for the decor, and to everyone who came (especially those who lined up out in the cold after we were full - please do come next time). Toronto is the best.

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It was more fun than one Tin, more fun than two Tins, and really even more fun than three Tins!

Posted by Sugar on February 20, 2004 6:00 PM




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