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Amazing Tales: Davis's Blocks Bonanza,
Dixon's Girls Go Swing London

A portrait of the artist, BJD, as a young bad-ass.

Zoilus's mancrush on friend, neighbour, writer and conceptual artist Brian Joseph Davis has been evident for years now, with such wonders springing from his temples as the Theodore Adorno punk-rock single, the "Greatest Hit" mashups, the "Banned Records Burned and Played" project, the "Yesterduh" beyond-karaoke experiment, The Portable Altamont and (with partner Emily Schultz) the Centre for Culture & Leisure - I'm worn out just listing them, and that's just some of BJD's creative hijinks. Now, I'm excited to announce that for the first time, all his music-related projects will be gathered together and released thanks to some of Zoilus's obviously-favourite people, the co-op-operated folks at Blocks Recording Club.

Brian's album will be called The Definitive Host, it will be formatted as (Blocks's first) book/cd package and it's coming out July 29. Besides most of the above, it will include two new pieces. As Brian says:

"Eula is a choral piece with lyrics adapted from Sony/BMG's notorious End User License Agreement. This score for four vocalists was composed in collaboration with Dawn Lewis of Sub-static recording artists Repair." (If I'm not mistaken, though I may be, it was sung by a choir of lawyers.)

Plus: "5 Box Sets Played on Fast Forward, Then Edited Into Songs: I used a consumer grade Hitachi CD player to turn hours of music into skittering sonic mulch (16 thousand automatic edits); I then assembled the samples using cheesy DJ software."

The release party is Friday Aug. 3 at Mercer Union, featuring a short live laptop set and then "a very live performance of Greatest Hit," in which copies of The Carpenters: The Singles will be loaded into 12 CD players and played by members of the audience. Whitney Houston's Greatest Hits might get the same treatment, time permitting.

Some new MP3s are already up on Brian's site. Eula will be posted July 1.

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Sean Dixon plays a gas-can banjo (belonging incidentally to Michael Ondaatje)
at his "banjoree" book launch last month. Note the "HELIX" logo - roxx!

Other news that we can't let pass without a champagne toast: Zoilus's old friend Sean Dixon (possibly the only living person for whom I would sing in public) has just accepted a very generous offer from Harper Collins UK for the British rights to his new novel The Girls Who Saw Everything, just out from Coach House in Canada. I'll leave it to the literary gossip sheets to report how generous, but I'll say it's the kind of reward one always wishes but never dares hope would come to an artist who has persevered in pursuit of his distinctive voice and vision with great integrity for many years. I couldn't be happier to congratulate just about anyone for just about anything, with cheers, bravos and love.

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I have not read the book as yet because of circumstances beyond (liar) my control, but as of mid-afternoon today I now have a second chance to consume his wonderful words.

Details to follow.

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