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Zoilus: Now in New Toronto-Lite!

Regular readers will notice a new presence in the left-hand sidebar on this site - a button that says "View Zoilus Without Toronto-specific Content." If you hit it, what will happen is... well, at the moment, nothing, because there's not any Toronto-specific content currently on the front page.

But usually there is: Gig notices and other event-oriented posts that really aren't of much interest if you're not a local reader. They'll make a reappearance when I'm back in full-power bloggin' mode, after I turn in my manuscript in June. And at that point, if you're not from aroun' here, you could just hit that button to skip that stuff and get straight to more universal material.

Of course you may be the type who enjoys reading about Toronto minutiae even if you're not a local. Zoilus loves your kind. Just go on reading the site as always. Also, I should clarify that "without Toronto-specific content" doesn't mean removing all material about the Toronto scene: It won't strip out posts about Final Fantasy or Pyramid Culture and meta-sceniac-theorizing. But this way, I can post about local news and events without fretting (because I'm neurotic) that I'm boring the further-flung audience - which is likely to mean I'll do more of it, so that's good for everyone.

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thanks for that home fry.

Posted by kathryn on May 7, 2007 3:50 PM



Already done, Jake. Here it is:

Posted by zoilus on May 7, 2007 12:38 PM



If you're going to go this far, I hope you also create a Toronto-Lite RSS feed. That's something I'd be curious to check out, since I interact with most blogs through bloglines, and I don't live in Toronto. So a lot of that stuff kind of goes right past me.



Posted by j-lon on May 7, 2007 4:04 AM




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