by carl wilson

Joining the Dark Side: Come Along?


My first piece ever for Pitchfork, a review of the new Frog Eyes album, Tears of the Valedictorian has gone up. (The version posted yesterday accidentally omitted a small important bit in the set-up, but it's been fixed now.) I think it's perhaps the best release yet from one of the best bands in Canada - although I reserve the option to decide I still prefer The Golden River.

I'll be writing for Pitchfork semi-regularly in future, because I appreciate the space they allow for long-form record reviews and because, whatever one's criticisms, it's an important forum for music talk today. To play purer-than-thou + turn down their invitation would've been as silly as to refuse Creem or Rolling Stone in the early 1970s - there's not much value in refusing to get in the sandbox. You just want to bring in your own castle design.

Also wanted to note that between the Over the Top Festival and misc. other events, this weekend is an absolutely extraordinary one for music in Toronto - and I'm going to miss all of it, as I crouch in my deadline-based hermitage. Am I really going to stay in on Saturday, when harmonic innovator Arnold Dreyblatt is at the Music Gallery, jazz colossus Sonny Rollins is at Massey Hall, reggae alchemist the Mad Professor is at Lee's Palace and Toronto's own gracious miniaturists the Phonemes launch their lovely new CD with guests such as Bob Wiseman and Jason Trachtenburg at the Whippersnapper Gallery, to name a few? That, my friends, is a test of will.

With all the action in May, and with me chained to my manuscript, I'd like to make an invitation to readers in Toronto and environs - if you'd like to send in short reviews of Zoilus-friendly live shows you see this month (say 250 to 500 words), I'll gladly post them. No pay, just potlatch.

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Great review Carl. Nice to see a long written piece from you. It's been a while! Good luck on finishing the book.

Posted by andrew on May 9, 2007 8:30 AM



it's nice over here on the dark side! welcome, really good to have you as a colleague.

Posted by marc h. on May 4, 2007 3:24 PM




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