by carl wilson

Farewells and Au Revoirs

RIP Tonic, the vital space for creative improvised music in New York. Nate Chinen has a fine, and sad, requiem in today's Times.

And I'll be taking a blog break for a few days as I get ready to head out to one of my favourite annual events, the Experience Music Project Pop Conference, a gathering of critics, academics, musicians and gadflies in Seattle, this year on the topic of "Waking Up From History: Music, Time, and Place," with Jonathan Lethem giving the keynote and other speakers including Sasha Frere Jones, Joshua Clover, Elizabeth Mendez Berry, Michael ("Eppy") Barthel, Mike McGonigal, Robert Christgau, Ann Powers, David Grubbs, Tim Hecker, Daphne Carr, Michaelangelo Matos, Douglas Wolk, Jeff Chang, Greil Marcus, Franklin Bruno, Ned Sublette, Oliver Wang, Erik Davis, Eric Weisbard and many more, including yours truly leading a bull session and moderating a panel. I'm going to try to do some live posting from the conference, which begins on Thursday, but it's a tight schedule, so most of my notes will probably be post-hoc. But the Pop Con always generates some provocative fodder. (Remember last year's Stephin Merritt Zipadeedoodah flap?) Hope to see some of you in Seattle, and see the rest of you back here in a few days.

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Check out the amazing petition for Tonic:

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