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As I hammer away at the block of shape-shifting, slippery and yet unyielding granite/jello that will become a short book on Celine Dion and the dilemma of taste, I've been collecting examples of cover versions of songs that she's performed, in different styles - so far mostly of My Heart Will Go On. I've got punk, surf-guitar, Gregorian chant, techno-remix, and parody, but I could use more, and I'd like to get some that aren't My Heart Will Go On. (Ideally they'd be songs from Let's Talk About Love, since that album's the focus of the book, but they don't have to be.) Versions in other languages and any style that's not too close to her own are welcome. If you can send me mp3s or YouTube links and such, all the better, but if you just happen to know of one, that's fantastic too. (For the record, I already have the New Found Glory, Switchblade Kittens and Los Straitjackets versions, as well as the Illegal Art collage of Titanic samples with My Heart..., and someone's promised to send me the Sigur Ros mashup. Anyone have copies of the Vandals version, or the rumoured and possibly apocryphal Libertines version? The Weird Al parody?)

Much obliged, thanks.

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I would have no idea how to find this, but I heard a reggae version of My Heart Will Go On on the radio in a Roti place once. It was played pretty straight, but still a very strange version.

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Hey there Carl, the photo above is not exactly a cover version but represents something at least as distasteful. - Michael

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when i was living in haiti in 2000, every radio was playing creole covers of popular french and american songs. sure enough, "my heart will go on" wasn't spared the translation into konpa (sometimes spelled kompa) and you can find a reference (though no link to an actual sound sample) to it here:

(if this link doesn't work, a simple celine dion konpa search should suffice)

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FWIW, this is a staple tune for the many South American Pan Flute-led bands in the NYC subway system. Heard it just this AM at Grand Central by the Park Ave entrance.

When I saw the film, I remarked to a friend the passing resemblence of Horner's tune to Telstar. When I heard Los Straigtjackets version, I fell outta my chair.



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A couple of years ago, I stumbled on this:

it's an extremely timestretched version of "The Power of Love". Unfortunately I don't know anything about the artist that made it.

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"Flop" is a pretty hilarious claim about this album. There were other songs from the album that charted, though not huge hits, and the album itself is one of the top 100 albums in sales of all time according to the Recording Industry Assocation of America.

Falling Into You did sell better, but I wanted to talk about My Heart Will Go On, so I chose the slightly less mega-mega-successful album. But if all people wanted was that song, they could buy the Titanic soundtrack - which, of course, they also did, and it's also among the RIAA top 100.

The point is that this album came out at the peak of her ubiquity.

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Carl, can you explain the motivation behind writing about this album, given how none of its songs besides the Titanic one were hits? Or is the fact that it was a flop part of the thesis?

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I remember that some schlock morning-radio guys did a parody of her song "I'm Alive" called "À M'énarve" (a hardcore joual term that means "she bugs me"), and René Angelil, seemingly unaware of the fair use concept, tried to sue them.

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