by carl wilson

The Torontoner?

The New Yorker has gone a little Toronto-happy for April: Last week, a big article devoted to Darren Werschler-Henry's excellent history/meditation on the typewriter, The Iron Whim (felicitations, Darren), and this week, SFJ on Feist.

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Interesting that he seems completely unaware of Feist's first CD, Monarch, which is very indie-pop-1997 (in a good way).

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I found it humbling when he referred to Toronto's "main drag." To me, it sounded like, as far as this particular New Yorker is concerned, we aren't a cosmopolitan "city of neighbourhoods" or "New York run by the Swiss" (I always thought that was a baffling characterization anyway), but a town with a "main drag" where the kids hang out on saturday night. Like the way Brockville seems to us. (Though brockville is OK in its own way).

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I think you guys are being a little harsh. SFJ is clearly not very admiring of Let It Die in this piece, so he's not being a total fanboy, although I agree that it's unfortunate how he displaces his dislike of that album onto a dislike of its fans. But as an admirer of Feist's previous demo and live stuff, I too felt that Let It Die had turned out disappointingly like Shopping Experience Music (and faux-Parisian S.E.M. at that). I haven't heard the new disc yet but already had the impression that it broke from that mold, so I find his enthusiasm for it pretty convincing.

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I love me some SFJ but that dude has seriously never met a female singer-songwriter that he didn't completely adore. There's something going on there.

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I find it revealing that SFJ talks about his "unease" with (his conception of) the "indie community" and their supposed taste! Some of us might remember that he dismissed her as adult-contemporary-for-hipsters at the time without recourse to this weird mix of generalization and projection. Considering his odes to cocaine rap and death metal in the pages of the New Yorker, it seems like misperception of audience is a persistent issue for the guy...

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ahhhh. i kind of feel nauseous at the idea of nina simone "admiring" feist....SFJ's whole article just screams fan boy, doesn't it?

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