by carl wilson

Final Frithisy

Fred Frith, photo by Cathy Caraveo.

I'm grinding my teeth in envy, because this gig takes place the final day of the Pop Conference, while I'll still be in Seattle: "Fred Frith, US/UK composer, improviser and guitar innovator performs at the Music Gallery with Toronto's Anne Bourne, cello + voice; John Oswald, sax; Owen Pallett, violin. Sunday April 22, 8 pm, $15."

I've made inquiries to find out if the show is partly composed music or all improvised - if so, I suspect it would be Owen (Final Fantasy, of course) Pallett's improv debut - but his presence makes me suspect there's composition involved.

If you're unfamiliar with Frith's career, going back to the heady Rock-in-Opposition days of Henry Cow in the 1970s, but going much beyond that as well, there's plenty of remedial reading out there, beginning with Frith's own site, and including a great range of interviews like these, videos (many) and even quotable quotes. If you can find it, I particularly recommend the documentary Step Across the Border, which features Frith in collaboration with Iva Bittova, Chris Cutler, Arto Lindsay, Tom Cora, John Zorn, Rene Lussier and many others (a sample - by the way, it turns out there's a ton of Bittova on YouTube...) - it's certainly one of the better filmic documents of improvised music I've ever seen.

While we're talkin' Music Gallery, note that the exciting and excitable mad minimalist Arnold Dreyblatt will be the MG's composer in residence in May, and that the VTO festival (Toronto's picnic of leftovers from the Victoriaville banquet) is also promised to return that month.

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Owen used to improvise on his violin back in 2003 when N!fty was a three piece and played under the name Matt Schmidth or Matt Schmidt depending on the gig. I have some footage of Matt, Rob and Owen playing a long improv set at a house party at my place back then. It was great.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson