by carl wilson

Moist Feelings: This Weekend in T-Dot Thrillz
(Smith, O'Hara, Queen W. Benefit Partee!)

Garbage! Violence! Enthusiasm! play the Queen West West Equitable-Development
Beach Partee on Sunday night in Toronto.

Here is how you will spend the next few days. Shh, baby, don't fight it.

Friday night, the Test Reading Series presents Stuart Ross and Rod Smith at 7:30 pm at Mercer Union. Ross is, of course, everybody's droll fave T-Dot absurdist/surrealist poet, who hocked poems on the street in the '80s, started the Small Press Book Fair and transformed Jean Chretien into a lyrical genius. Rod Smith is the author of seven-plus books of poetry, the editor of Aerial magazine, the publisher of Edge Books and the manager of Bridge Street Books in Washington, DC, often just as funny as Ross (and in that mode a fellow traveler of the Flarfistes) but likewise capable of delicate and tender music. In fact, now and then he strikes me as the contemporary poet maybe closest in sensibility to Destroyer's Dan Bejar, with his extreme, self-sabotaging and yet beautiful tonal shifts. You can read a bunch of his poems at EPC and listen to him read a great many more at PennSound, or you can just show up tomorrow night.

On Saturday, the day of ersatz Irishness on which all somewhat-Eire-descendent North Americans such as myself affect to enact our non-existent ethnicity, a clan with an authentic O' to their name present their on-again-off-again-annual "Martian Awareness Ball" - a green and auspicious occasion for an all-too-rare performance by Mary Margaret O'Hara, the most elusive of Toronto's greatest musicians. She'll be joined by brother Marcus and a passle o' family and friends, some famous and some who oughta be, that evening at the Horseshoe. Arrive early, and bring your own potato face.

Last but most, I helped organize an event happening Sunday at the Gladstone called
The Queen West West Equitable-Development Beach Partee, to raise arts-community awareness of equitable development, homelessness, and the growing disparity between the rich and poor in the neighbourhood and in the city. Musical entertainment will feature Blocks Recording Club artists The Phonemes, Bad Bands veterans Garbage!Violence!Enthusiasm!, Ghostlight and an improv group featuring John Oswald, Scott Thomson, Eric Chenaux and Jake Oelrichs, plus a cameo appearance by Tomboyfriend (whose lead singer was lead organizer on the event), tracks from DJ Misty Rock'n'Roll, and quite possibly between-set dance lessons. Proceeds go to homelessness-aid organizations PARC (Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre), and Na-Me-Res. We will party in the name of respect and equality between street artists, the professional art world and nightspot parvenues, and a better balance between the wants of faux-boho condos and the needs of their neighbours, whether homeless or housed. We'll raise some cash and dance on the brink of no return. Please come join us at 9 pm (admission $7). And if you'd like to, buy an original drawing...

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- here are a couple of photos from Mary Margaret's Annual Martian Awareness Ball, Saturday night (and link to a vintage live appearance too) here.

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the feeling hasnt faded (yet. but it is fading.) nice to meet you, sir. yer very polite, but not as polite as others.


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